Saturday, March 15, 2008

why I am excited about this trip...

Coming into college I had the idea in my mind that after graduation I would do with my life whatever God wanted. If it were foreign missions, I'd be there. If it were photography at a paper, I'd be there. If it were seminary, I'm there. Get the drift?

This past winter break I came to a realization. In my life I sometimes get into the mindset of doing things for God instead of with Him. So it was easy for me to think after getting my degree I would do whatever He wanted me to for Him. But, God told me he wanted me to do what I wanted out of the options and as long as it was for His glory he would be happy and smile and come alongside me. I think that is what I love most about the story of Job that I have been reading though lately. The character of God that doesn't rescue us when we think the time is right, but comes alongside us through it all and just sits with us. Have you ever experienced that? Someone just sitting with you in a time of distress. My best friend came alongside me last December when my grandfather died and as I sat and wept on my dorm room bed, she just sat there with me and I experienced a piece of community and felt her support. God does that with us. He sits.

As I think about life in the 'real world,' I want to please God and serve my parents by respecting their opinions while making my own. (actually, I feel so blessed to have parents with the same heart for serving God that He instilled in me so we agree on a lot.) But I still have options for next year. Granted, I still have a year, but one of the things I am considering is going on staff with the Navigators for a two-year commitment called EDGE Core. With this, I would be placed on a college campus somewhere in the U.S. working with college students to grow them in their walks with Christ and be obedient to what God puts in my path.

This trip is a preview of some of that. My ministry is different now as I am in college ministering as I can. This would be full-time. This trip I will be doing some disciplining of international believers and sharing of the gospel. I also get the experience of what it is like to fundraise with the Navigators as humbling and scary as fundraising can be.

I'm stoked to see what God has in store and I can't wait! I just have to get past finals first!

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