Sunday, July 6, 2008

the conference

I:m trying to think of where to begin attemping to explain what God showed me during the conference. We got in on Friday night and immediatey went to dinner. I sat by students from the Auckland Uni(university) and one from Palmy (palmerston orth where i curently am) Those students represented Malasyia, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia and America. The nations were together all at one table! That:s pretty much how I felt about the whole thing.

We all were welcomed by Val, a Maori believer where we traditionally were greeted and introduced to the TSCF (teritery student Christian fellowship) conference. Every morning we would have some time in the word, breakfast, and then a morning talk. The theme of the conference was :lives that count: it was all missions oriented! How cool was it for me to see these students on fire for God:s word to go global!

After one of the talks, I was able to share the bridge with two students after they asked for ways to apply being ale to reach out to your schools. I made some amazing friends from Palmy and most of us are getting together again on Wed. and Fri. to play ultimate on their campus and try to recruit people for their equivalent of NavNite.

We went to a Buddhist temple as a group and I witnessed God:s prescense inimidate a monk. I saw students hunger for the LORD in such a way. We got to laugh with these students and introduce Extreme Uno to them. We met and prayed through the psalms with them. We got to cry from laughing so hard. I:m sothankful for the hearts of all the students I met and can:t wait to see them again.

Pray for Jess, Michelle, and Nicole. They are three believers from round the world studying here in Palmy and I:m praying we can meet and encourage one another.

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Michelle Renae :) said...

yay! you're wearing the vest and it looks good! how's the pea coat working out for you? i hope you're sporting that as well...

i'm praying for you and i can't wait to hear some lessons that you are learning! i'm so excited for you alicia and i miss you tons!