Monday, July 21, 2008

Nav Attack Goes to Middle Earth

Saturday night we ventured to the oval at Massey University and began a duel of Nav Attack!

Nav Attack is an altered game of capture the flag where the flags are glowsticks. You have two teams and instead of tagging the opposing team with your hand, you use a stocking filled with flour. So we drew up the teams and started playing. It was one of my most fun nights here in New Zealand. Koyo sifted a bunch of flour in Janeens's hair and Jess tried to take me down only to end up on the ground.

After all the 5 kilo bag of flour was dispersed on the grass, we headed over to a short night hike to see glowworms. It was probably the sweetest short hike I've been on since Colorado Summer 2002. We worn our gumboots and walked over little trees and through the river. It stopped raining just long enough for us to go. It was very enjoyable. Pray for our last week here in Palmy. That the non-Christians we met will make wholesome friends and our conversations will be glorifying. Pray for endurance for the team as we go about the many activities and divine appointments scheduled for the week.

God is at work in Tempe, AZ so I thank you for your prayers. I prefer not to give details, but situation became unglorifying to God and God wanted that rectified. That is all.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support...i hope i've given you a glimpse of how they have been answered!

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